Womb + Compassion = Justice

In Hebrew and Arabic the word for compassion comes from the word for “womb” (The Return of the Black Madonna: A Sign of Our Times or How the Black Madonna Is Shaking Us Up for the Twenty-First Century by Rev. Matthew Fox, Ph.D). I find the connection between the womb and compassion extremely interesting. “Meister Eckhart knew and taught: Compassion means justice.” If compassion comes from the word for womb and compassion means justice then the womb does not only have the capacity to create life but justice.

Dr. Cornel West states that “justice is compassion in the public square” which means that as women our womb wellness will directly impact our ability to give compassion and practice justice in our society. If we look around our communities and see a lack of compassion and grave injustices we need to examine how we are treating our wombs-spiritually, mentally and physically. I do know the social causes of systematic oppression but I also know that our wombs give us the power to not only create life but to create art, love, compassion, justice and our entire reality. We are spirits, souls and bodies and if we are out of balance in any area it will affect our ability to practice compassion first with ourselves and finally with our neighbor.

As women we have to claim our divine right to co-create a world of compassionate justice with God. Women can be the moral compass of the world if we have the courage to heal ourselves and then in turn spread this healing to our children, lovers, neighbors and communities. This energy of healing will then vibrate throughout the entire world. In the documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” Christian and Muslim women in a war-torn African nation combine forces to end war; this is just a small example of the power of wombs can yield if we only take a chance on just co-creation.

Many women suffer with womb wellness issues, especially Black women. I do not think it’s a coincidence that the group that faces the most injustice and receives the least compassion faces the highest rates of womb wellness issues. There is a divine connection between our liberation as women and our womb wellness. Though healing is our divine birthright it is ultimately our choice.

How can we balance the scales of justice for the healing of our wombs and communities?

How can we show compassion to our wombs?

“Remember Life is for Living and Love is a Choice!”