Hormone Treatments: The Dangers You Need to Know!

As a women, it seems we are always presented with hormone treatments as a solution for all sorts of things. If you suffer from Endometriosis, Fibroids, Menstrual Pain, PMS or Menopause, the solution seems to come in the form of a pill you take on a daily basis. They are an array of hormone treatments, presented as the ultimate solution for every ailment a women has.

These tablets are not designed for our bodies and there is a reason why we develop symptoms in the first place. Though the processes of periods, child birth and menopause are the beauties of being a women, the associated symptoms most of us experience are far from it. They are not normal and we should really exam the results of using Hormone Treatments to solve these symptoms.

1. Hormone Treatments and Fungal Overgrowth.

More than 80% of conditions experienced within society are caused by fungal overgrowths found in our gut. These overgrowths add to the toxic load in our bodies and create imbalances, inflammation and disease. Hormone Treatments directly contribute to this overgrowth and depending on the length of time they are taken can cause incredible damage.

2. The impact on the liver.

The liver is responsible for regulating and releasing excess hormones in our bodies. The likelihood is that our imbalances and problems we are experiencing with our hormones all began with the liver. It is imperative to heal the liver and get it working again. These synthetic hormones only add to an already burdened liver, by adding unrecognisable elements into our bodies. The liver simply has to clean up more mess! Hormone Treatments are not aiding our liver but are taking away from it’s healing.

3. This stuff is not natural and alters hormones in ways we may not realise.

There have been cases of women who have become completely debilitated by taking synthetic hormones. They cannot move anymore because of the reaction these things had on their bodies. This stuff is synthetic and it is not natural. We have no idea how they will ultimately affect us in years to come.

We can find natural alternatives to regulate our hormones and feel better. Diet and lifestyle changes can contribute tremendously and aid in our healing and balance.