7 Things Mothers Do When Managing Their Households

Is your home often unorganized, unclean and uncomfortable? Could it be that you are lacking in needed supplies for cleaning and deodorizing? Do you permit too much freedom for visitors, pets and small children to roam? Do you fail to manage your time wisely to tend to household chores? Mothers who have spotless households do the following things.

One. They do laundry more than once a week.

Wise moms know that things can come up any time of the week, so these mothers don’t put off what they can do today. The television and gaming is never a priority when a house or apartment needs to be organized and cleaned. So the smell of dirty laundry isn’t going to linger in a mom’s house who likes to stay caught up on her laundry.

Two. They clean things as soon as they are dirty.

The difference between an unclean person and a clean one is an unclean person won’t bother to wash much of anything until it becomes a problem for all. He or she will make a mess, and it might stay awhile. But a clean person is going to get to it right away because he or she doesn’t want it to become an issue later. There are those moms that are always on top of spills, stains, crumbs, you name it! Sometimes it can get on visitors nerves, but think of it this way, that’s just one less thing you have to deal with, thanks to Mom!

Three. They buy different supplies that are proven to tackle certain tasks i.e.) mold and mildew, stain cleaners, glass cleaners, furniture polish, etc.

Have you ever tried to use dish-washing liquid to clean off a marking on something only to realize it isn’t working? Well, cleaning guru moms know what works best on what. She is going to use the oven cleaner for the stove and then glass cleaner for the glass. Mom might even have some things to scrub the mildew in the bathroom along with the foam cleaner. Then she may have another cleaning agent to get rid of the oil stains in the garage. There just isn’t one cleaner that does it all in the way that mom likes it. Just like there isn’t one cloth, mop, or floor vacuum either for some moms that does it all.

Four. They enlist help within their family when they can’t always keep up.

Older children are given chores and partners and relatives are asked to take part in household duties from time-to-time. It isn’t always easy to run an efficient household, so sometimes everyone has to assist mom especially when she is ill.

Five. They set aside time (sometimes over a period of days) for bigger tasks.

It takes time to organize an environment that has many items. Smart mothers don’t exhaust themselves trying to do things all in one day, she spreads out her activities over the course of days. When she finds that there are some things she no longer wants, but still in reasonable condition, she arranges for an individual or business to come pick up those items or she drops them off.

Six. If it doesn’t work, isn’t useful, or is a problem, the item doesn’t stay for long (this also includes lazy guests).

Why keep things around that aren’t useful? Sure, we all would like to tell ourselves, “I’m going to use that one day… ” But that one day came once five years ago, now what? Some garages are overfilled with junk, because of false promises we make to ourselves-get rid of that stuff!

Mothers, who know how much they can tolerate, don’t keep people around for long either in their homes. There comes a point when a mother grows weary of trying to make things work that don’t work i.e.) relationships, additional guests in the home, even elderly parents. What these moms do is find the resources that can get mom the care that she needs, assistance for the children, and if need be, an attorney to rid themselves of a wayward spouse. This is why some women, no matter what they go through in life, manage to keep their heads-they don’t permit family, friends, and others to dictate what they can and can’t do in their lives.

Seven. They plan in advance family meals, vacations, holidays, and more.

Proper planning is key when attempting to perform any task. So when you see that some moms tend to always have a good time with their families and everyone seems to be getting along, that is because there is a lot of planning and most likely money involved. From a meal menu to a savings account, a mother on a mission to accomplish some sort of family goal will not hesitate to grab a paper, pencil, the phone, computer, and a calculator and get to work! She pens her thoughts, researches via the Internet and phone-book, makes necessary phone calls, and compares prices then checks her account to see if she can afford whatever it is that she wants for her family.

For some of you who have mothers who enjoy a tidy atmosphere, even if at times they are anal about it, consider this, they just want what’s best for family and self. Mom maintains the upkeep of the house, and you can find your socks, wear clean underwear and eat on sparkling utensils-what a trade-off! Let mothers everywhere, be free to clean!