What Is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking is not a new form of cooking but it is fairly unheard of amongst many households across the United States. First patented in the early 20th century it has taken almost a hundred years to come to mainstream prominence. The technology is now extremely popular in the Far East, India and European kitchens.

The technology, which utilises electromagnetic fields to generate heat, turns the cooking vessel itself into the cooking element. This is different from gas and electric ring technology which uses radiated heat to transfer heat to a cooking pot.

Induction cooking has a great many advantages over the more conventional forms of cooking such as gas and electric ring.

Induction cooking is very fast. In tests which are available to see all over the internet, the basic boiling of a pot of water test demonstrates significantly faster boiling times. This is primarily down to the fact that conventional forms of cooking use heat transfer. This form of heating is inefficient when compared to induction. Industry standard tests place induction at around 80 to 85% efficiency, whilst gas and electricity sit at approximately 50%. Gas and electricity will heat the air around your pot just as much as the pot itself.

Induction cooking has no flame and is therefore very safe especially if you have young children hanging around the hob. The induction hob itself is also not warm and so when a induction ready pot is removed there is very little latent heat remaining on the hob. It is so safe that you can place your hand on the hob as soon as the pot is removed.

Induction hobs are easy to clean. Because hobs are not hot as you would find with gas or electric, spills do not immediately burn. Spills can be quickly wiped with a sponge and the sponge itself will also not burn. Induction cooktop hobs are also made of ceramic glass or some other very smooth and easily cleaned surface. It only takes a simple wipe to remove any stains.

Induction cooktops are very versatile and can be used to cook in a wide range of ways. Regardless of whether you want to grill, stir-fry, deep-fry, fodu or use a slow or pressure cooker, the induction cooker will perform to a high standard.

Induction cooktops now come in many shapes and sizes. There are stylish range hobs for your main kitchen cooking or if you require a smaller more convenient form of hob then the portable cooktops are also available in various sizes and power ranges. Portable Induction cooktops are especially useful if you are looking for an addition to your kitchen range or perhaps need a cooking solution for outdoor use. The popularity and safety of induction hobs are now leading many RV and boat owners to have them installed.