The Many Choices Of Gun Purses For Women

In spite of the many methods of carrying a concealed firearm, some women might find that there are still occasions where it is simply not feasible to carry a gun on the body. In these situations, it can be easier to carry your firearm in gun purses for women. For some women, gun purses are the perfect solution for those occasions when carrying on your person is simply not practical. Once you try one, you will quickly learn that a gun purse allows for convenient carry and easy accessibility of a concealed firearm – so it will be at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Hobo Style

These purses are identified by their large, curved style and long strap that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. As a gun purse for a woman, it usually offers a concealed compartment that can be reached on either the left or right side through a zipper. You can neatly fit your firearm inside this compartment-separate from all other compartments of the purse-and face the holster so the grip of your gun is toward the side you would draw from. You can even fit extra magazines in the compartment.


This identifies most purses with a large strap that can be slung comfortably across the body. They tend to feature a hidden firearm compartment for you to access. Just make sure the purse is slung so that you can draw your gun with your dominant hand.


These purses tend to be larger with several compartments, which can make them great for the business woman or student. Once again, a separate firearm compartment allows your firearm to be accessible whether you are left or right handed.


If you are looking for something a little bit smaller, then handbags might be right for you. Depending on the size of the handbag, however, you might be restricted on the size of firearm you can carry. Some concealed compartments can be opened from three sides for easy gun access.

If you are concerned about the strap of your purse being broken or slashed off by a potential thief, look for sturdy, slash-resistant straps. You should be able to change out your strap for another one if needed.

Each of these purses comes in a variety of colors and styles, which tells you just how many fashionable choices you have as far as gun purses for women are concerned. It is quite likely that you will be able to carry these purses around every day without anyone realizing you have a concealed firearm. The next time you are concerned about how you will carry your firearm with you, look into a concealed carry purse.