Look Before Buying a Used Telehandler

Lifting assorted materials requires a lot of man-power; however, a telehandler can be a great advantage when it comes to lifting various materials from high shelves or moving them from one location to another. Telehandlers are used in a variety of location, such as warehouses, farms, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites, and in general are somewhat expensive when they are brand new. For many businesses, purchasing a used telehandler is the optimal solution rather than purchasing one that is brand new.

One thing to look at is the type of job that the telehandler is needed for, such as grabbing piles of lumber and moving to another site, using a bucket to dig into a pile of rocks or dirt at a construction site, or lifting a pallet from the delivery truck and moving it to the storage shelving in the warehouse. Be sure to look for the right vehicle that is needed to perform the job.

Take a look at some examples of used telehandler equipment:

• Telehandler with a 4-in-1 bucket that is perfect for construction sites because it can easily handle moving large loads of dirt or debris from the building location with ease. These generally come with a good warranty, and even though they are used, are still in excellent shape because they are sturdy, durable, and will handle the tough jobs for many years.

• Telehandler with pallet forks that are excellent for a warehouse or manufacturing facility because they have the ability unload the materials from the delivery truck and stack them on the shelving in the warehouse for storage, or remove from the warehouse and take to the manufacturing facility for assembly in large quantities.

• Telehandlers with grabbers that are perfect for logging and mining operations because they are sturdy and long lasting and have the ability to move heavy loads from the working area to the staging or loading area for transport.

When looking at the used telehandler equipment, be sure to obtain a copy of the telehandler compliance documentation for that piece of machinery to ensure that it meets the proper legal standards for that particular device. There are many used pieces of machinery on the market today, and the buyer needs to be assured that the used devices have been fully inspected and passes all the required standards and has all the certifications and inspection documentation to prove it.

Also when looking at used telehandler vehicles, find out if the pallet forks, buckets, grabbers, or wenches are included in the price or are extra because some vendors have them priced separately – don’t just assume the attachments are included in the price. There are some great deals available with used telehandler equipment, it’s just up to the buyer to find them.