Buying From Booksales – How To Get The Best From Them

Annually, bookstore sales are being held by bookstore owners. Instead of having the books become too dusty and old, the bookstore owners sell their books with the lowest price usually from 50 to 80% off. In addition with that, they also put in their sale a lot of office supplies, school supplies and art supplies for sale goers which are really not bookish. Here are some good tips how you can really get the best items from these events.

Before going to a booksale, you need to check the following in order for you to get the best of your trip.

a. schedule — Make sure that you got the right date when the book sale will happen. There are so many personal experiences telling that they got to the place when the actual event was already over or a few days yet. Save your gas and transportation expenses by checking your calendar.

b. the address — Check out the actual address where the book sale will happen. Make sure if the event is going to happen in a branch or it will be nationwide. Some bookstores have several branches and each of them have their own promotions.

c. the hour of opening — Do your best to schedule your activities in advance so you will be able to get to the bookstore right before opening time. Early birds get the best worms.

d. the carpark — If you are bringing a car, check the event details if they will have a carpark for bookstore goers. If not, plan your trip ahead and check on nearby car parking area so you don’t waste time finding the spot when you got to the place.

e. the payment methods — Check the payment methods which you can use for your purchases. Some events do not accept credit cards.

More Tips When Buying From Booksales

  1. If you are a first timer, check out if the previous year when the same book company held the event. You will get good information on what you will be expecting.
  2. List out the items that you want to buy in case you find them.
  3. List of books with author so you can ask the sales ladies if they can give you the spot where the books are located.
  4. List of essentials like office supplies and art supplies you’d want to stock up.
  5. Bring an emergency bag where you can put your haul in case you can’t find a cart to put your items into.
  6. Bring a companion whose role will be help you and not to find something for him or herself. The line for the cashier of the waiting list for the picking aisles are usually long. Your companion can help you fall in line in the next spot while you are busy choosing on another spot.
  7. Bring an emergency alcohol or ear/mouth cover since some of the books may be too dusty for your comfort.
  8. Bring drinking water so you can refresh yourself once in a while.
  9. Bring a mini calculator if you are in a budget.
  10. Think of future occasions when you can buy spare items to give as gifts.
  11. Carefully check the books for loose pages before purchasing.