Finding Inexpensive Clothing As a Plus Size Woman

Walk into any discount store, and you might see a small section of plus size clothes for women. Maybe. Then again, you may very well have to do quite a bit of digging to find them.

Embarrassing as that may be, this has happened a number of times, to many different women, including me. Sometimes the prices are reasonable, and sometimes, the prices are absolutely outrageous.

These discount stores that have plus size women’s clothes typically have clothes that look tacky. Lately, some of them are starting to look better, but not a lot. This is especially true when the price is ten dollars for a shirt that may only make it through four or five washings before it starts to fall apart.

Pants in a discount store, for larger women, are invariably made with an elastic waist, and last for about a month. Button up pants for large women typically do not look good, so not too many of them are sold, unless they are jeans.

What does this do for the confidence of a plus size lady? Not a whole lot.

Walk into a number of higher end stores, and it is a ninety percent guarantee that the largest size you are going to find is a fourteen. Plus size and large women certainly don’t fit into these shops, although they may have the money to spend. They typically start out at size eighteen and up, with wider hips, or larger cleavage…

Now, the proprietors will be more than happy to let you spend your money on women’s plus size bras, if they have them, and accessories. Anything that a large person might actually be able to wear in their shop – which is really about ten percent of their total inventory, the proprietors will be happy to sell. However, accessories and bras are not what large size women are really after.

So, where is the confidence of a large lady now? Starting to head south, if it hasn’t already.

Of course, if you walk into some of the really high end stores, where a shirt is two hundred dollars, it is a given that no large size woman will find anything to wear in there-not even big name celebrities. Of course, those celebrities have designer friends who will design for them anyway…

Now, there are some exceptions to the rule, here, and that is the very wealthy, the elite. But they, too, are not able to pick much unless they want to pay a designer a lot of money so that they can look just as nice as their little friends.

Getting the confidence of the plus sized women back up out of the toilet and making them happy is the key. Doing this is going to take some effort between manufacturers and retailers as well.

Instead of putting out cheesy looking shirts and blouses that fade and pill up quickly, manufacturers need to be willing to actually make clothing that is quality made. This means using good fabrics instead of cheap old polyester that helps make the profit margin.

Additionally, manufacturers need to learn to put out clothing that is complimentary to large women. Vertical stripes for example give the illusion of a thinner body, as do darker colors. Avoiding the use of loud, bright prints with huge patterns on them-as these make large women look even bigger.

Cap sleeves are a no-no as they make plus size women’s big arms look even larger. Dolman, or three quarter sleeves are great, as they make arms look thinner and longer-and cover up flabby arms, too.

Women’s plus size swimwear needs to have tummy panels automatically put into them, without any thought. And, preferably, a skirt put around the bottom of them to cover up the area that most large women just cringe at having seen-their thighs.

Better yet, make all of these things commonly available, at low prices that are not obscene. Then, and only then, larger women are going to have their confidence shoot up. Quality plus size clothes can do a world of good for building plus size women’s confidence…