Buying Plus Size Clothing For Women

Knowing some ins and outs of the clothing market in general helps – and having some confidence in yourself, too.

Looking around at the market today for plus sized women’s clothes – unless you want to shell out a lot of money, and hire some tailors of your own – it is truly depressing. However, it is still amazing at how today’s market is so much better off than it has been in even the last three to five years for plus sized women.

Why is that? Sensitivity, perhaps? Or is it the fact that designers have finally woken up to the fact that many people in this world really aren’t a size zero, or even a size four? Most plus sized women start out at an eighteen and go from there.

Even walking into the discount stores one no longer feels as if they are buying a burlap bag for a dress because designers have taken the time to find some pretty patterns to use for plus-size women. Knowing that most of those patterns are not usually flattering for a plus-sized lady is important-and a little known fact.

Many designers make the mistake of using dropped waists in their designs for plus sized women. This is such a no-no. Knowing that a natural waist or an empire waist is better looking, and will bring the eye up and away, towards the face will help plus sized women add to their wardrobe in a more positive light.

Keep in mind that if you want to look taller, and thinner, especially in plus size formal wear, you must look for something with pinstripes, and with a darker background color. This is especially true when buying business type suits for work.

Having been a plus sized woman myself, trying to find clothes that fit was next to impossible. That meant resorting to making them, or paying someone to do so. Either way, the cost was so much more than buying clothes straight off the rack. Shopping was more my style.

As for many other large women, pants were always a problem and it took a long time to find the right kind of pants that would look perfect. Elasticized pants are the biggest mistake ever invented, because all they do for most plus size women is make them look like beach balls.

Pay attention to where your natural waist is when buying pants. Actually take the time to bend over in the pants, and then sit down and cross your legs in the pants. This will ensure that the pants are not too tight, and at the same time, not too loose.

Getting your body measurements right is especially important when buying party dresses. The same thing goes for plus size special occasion dresses-such as a bridesmaid’s dress, or a prom dress. One designer’s size eighteen may not be the same as another designer’s size eighteen.

Shopping for special occasion dresses has quite often proved to be a problem-with very few choices available for larger women and girls. Looking for dresses that have sleeves that are a bit more ‘flowy’ in order to cover up flabby arms is one way to make the arms and the woman’s upper body have a slimmer look.

Most importantly, know what you are shopping for when you go out. Take your time, and don’t be put off by what you find while you are out. Honestly, it may take you some time, but after a while, you will eventually find a good place that you really like to buy your plus size women’s clothing…