How to Select Safe and Age Appropriate Toys

Children undergo different stages of development as they move from infancy to preschooler phase. At all the different stages, their preferences for toys change. Parents should understand the changes in their behavior and support them so that they learn and progress in each stage as easily as possible. As there are many toys for kids available in the market, it is difficult to decide what to buy as per their age and interest. The main qualities of a toy should be durability, safety, whether it is fun and of interest. So, here are some tips to buy toys at different stages of their growth.

Raising a baby of 6 months is challenging as he or she becomes aware of the situations around him or her, start crawling and recognize the persons and things he or she touches. During this period, the babies acquire fine motor skills and learn how to manipulate the fingers. They pick up things such as spoons and bang them against anything. They also start to hold things and smack them together. So, the best toys to buy at this age should consist of different colors, sounds, shapes and sizes through which they discover and build up new abilities.

When they are of preschool age, they begin a new phase in their development. At this stage, they are free to roam around and start exploring their environment. They develop their language skills and start learning the names of objects and discover their independent nature to tell yes or no. During this period, toys play an important role in enriching their lives. While buying toys for 2 year olds, it is vital to buy appropriate toys which inspire them to improve their imagination and creativity. Toys like miniature playing sets, puzzles, books and musical toys help them to develop all these aspects.

Whether you are buying baby toys for 6 months old or toys for 2 year olds, it is important to buy good toys as per stages of their development. So, while you are shopping in a traditional or online store, it is essential to check the age range information given on the package to select the appropriate toy for your kid. Now, keeping all these in mind, begin your search for a new and exciting toy for your kid to teach them new things and experience new ways of playing. Remember, toys for kids should not only be fun but also educational and inspiring.