Get Your Kids Healthier by Adding This to Their Food

As a parent, you often worry about your children and their health. You want them to be happy but you want them to eat well. It can be tempting for them to eat foods high in sugar due to advertising and what they see around them. One way to offset this is to buy chia seeds and add them to their food. They aren’t going to notice the difference with taste but the value is there.

Smoothies and other Options

A delicious treat for your kids is to create a smoothie for them. Add in plenty of fresh fruit and it will reduce cravings for sugar. When you buy chia seeds, you can add a handful to the items you are going to blend up. The smoothie will taste great and they will be very content with it. That extra healthy item you put in there is going to be discreet.

You can make your own popsicles too from fruit and add the seeds into them. Freeze them to give the kids anytime they want a great treat. This is a better choice than a store bought one that is mainly syrup and sugar.

If you don’t have time to make smoothies for the kids, offer them some yogurt. This is a better option when it comes to nutrition than ice cream but they will still enjoy it. You can add the seeds to the yogurt to further boost what it offers. You do have to be selective with yogurt though as some items are packed with sugar. The best choice is low-fat yogurt and then add fresh fruit.

For infants, you can even add them to their jars of baby food. The omega-3 found in them are great for brain development. The early years are the most critical when it comes to such development. This can give your child the best opportunity to develop skills they will use for a lifetime.


Many parents are rushed in the morning, so cereal is a common breakfast item. While many kinds of cereal do have sugar in them, choose your battles wisely. You can buy chia seeds to add to their bowl in the morning. They won’t even notice, and you can feel better about letting them have this food item to start the day. It is better than them not eating at all!

Scrambled eggs may be another common breakfast item in your household. You can buy chia seeds and mix them with the eggs when you beat them. The kids will eat them and you will give them some additional nutrients they can use to get through the day. Scrambled eggs are fast and easy too so even on a busy morning, they can be a hit.


You can add them to just about any type of dinner you may make that has some type of sauce to it. This includes sauces you put on pasta and even gravy. The goal is to buy chia seeds you can easily hide in their food so they don’t complain about it and fight you about it. Just add it when you are cooking and it doesn’t alter taste. The entire family will benefit from it!

Pizza Night

Children of all ages, as well as adults, love pizza! There are so many ways to make it, and you can get some healthy elements in there as well. For example, add more vegetables to the toppings when it is pizza night. You can also buy chia seeds to sprinkle on top so you can relax and not feel that you allowed them to eat foods like this. Enjoy the pizza and a movie with the family!