Drama Llama’s Tiny Baby Llamas

False lashes are unavoidable, and no glam look is complete without them. But applying false lashes with adhesive is not everyone’s cup of tea, and lashes made of mink hair can cause allergies also.

Are you against mink lashes and searching for an equally stunning but cruelty-free option?

Drama Llama introduces Tiny Baby Llamas, the perfect substitute for mink lashes 100% cruelty-free. These magnetic lashes are made of bionic silk that is a synthetic material for making eyelashes and perfectly mimics the appearance and feel of mink lashes. These magnetic lashes with clear magnetic liner are a complete package with convenience, comfort, versatility, and affordability that provides you stylish and ultra-glamorous looks in no time.

General features of Tiny Baby Llamas:

Some of the common features of these magnetic lashes are given below:

  • These falsies are made of a lightweight false lash material that provides stunning eyes with no burden at all.
  • These magnetic lashes are easy to apply, and you can reuse these lashes up to 60 wears and more.
  • No animal by-products are used to create these completely synthetic lashes, so they are allergy-free.
  • Every single lash hair is placed in tiny baby llamas with a particular purpose to create a truly three-dimensional look that is simply irresistible to ignore.

Why are these silk magnetic lashes unique?

This baby lash set of silk magnetic falsies is gorgeous for all events and occasions. Because of accent lashes, these can beautifully blend with your natural lashes and create an absolutely striking look yet remain subtle. Tiny baby llamas are perfect for you’re at home, working, and going outlooks. Applying these magnetic lashes with a clear magnetic liner of the same brand allows you to stay luxurious for hours without worrying about moving or popping up your falsies.

So, why silk magnetic tiny baby llamas?

These impressive beauty hacks are available with no mess, no waiting for lash glue to dry, and the hectic and patient procedure of wearing falsies for avid lash wearers. Forget about the constant cleaning of gunk from the eyes with the amazing clear magnetic eyeliner from Drama Llama.

These lashes have easily passed the blink test that is strong proof of the durability of these magnetic lashes. These lashes are so comfy that you may even forget about them after wearing them. These lashes are not easy to put on only, but they are so quick and easy to take off, and you have to swipe away your clear magnetic liner, and these lashes wipe out in a single swipe … just like that!

The best part about these silk magnetic lashes is their heat resisting ability. They can soak up heat for some limit and won’t budge so that you can try these magnetic tiny baby llamas hot yoga, pool parties, and for a beach date too.


There is no disputing that fake lashes can immediately convert an otherwise dull appearance into a glamorous affair. The time-consuming and glue-filled application method of applying falsies turns off many consumers.

Magnetic tiny baby llamas are quality falsies that look gorgeous, and they have the power to improve your makeup looks excited a couple of notches. The perfect combination of magnetic lashes with straightforward magnetic linear is a must to get gorgeous eyes.

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