Smart Tips for Baby Showers on a Budget

Indisputably, baby showers are highly emotional, heartfelt and sometimes even tearful events. It is up to the host how she manages and makes the event a day to remember. From whimsical to traditional, any theme can be enhanced if thought and planned carefully. You can also add some comedy, sincerity or actions in the event to add up a little spice.

However, if you are planning a great baby shower for your best friend but desire to manage it without going broke, then these smart tips will certainly help you get the best results in a least possible time.


Most people opt to host a party in restaurants and clubs thinking it will look classy and exclusive. In such a scenario, you can definitely think something different and not burn a hole in your pocket! A home or a backyard garden is always a safe and convenient place to host any event and celebrate in style.


Decide on a theme that will suit your best friend’s personality. Remember, it is a day for making a soon-to-be-mommy feel extremely special. Instead of sticking to the conventional blue and pink theme, you can actually think creatively and opt for an out-of the box theme. A co-ed theme would be perfect to surprise her. Give equal importance to her loving hubby or let’s say, a soon-to-be-dad. She is sure going to get pleased and will compliment you for such a lovely effort!


There is nothing worse than calling a ton of people and messing up the entire event. Make a special list of the guests who are close to both – husband and wife. Few, but genuine and interesting people, will make this event a huge hit. Moreover, instead of selecting a lavish invitation for each guest, use an online service. A simple mail that is designed as per the theme is enough to impress and enthral them.

Party decorations

When it comes to party decorations, it is essential to select every single embellishment that will compliment the party theme appropriately. Colourful balloons, flavoured candles, welcome treat boxes, tissue paper gift bags, coordinated table wares, confetti and table sprinkles are enough to add a touch of elegance and class in a party. You will come across numerous service providers in the market offering the exceptional quality products to the people at cost effective rates.

Homemade foods and drinks

If you have a skill to cook for few people, then started with it immediately! Plan a simple yet interesting menu that can be made quickly. For a novice cook, sandwiches and fruit juices with delicious sweet chocolates should not be a problem at all. Skip the caterers and you will find yourself saving a good amount of money.


Baby shower games are always fun and exciting. It can make the event more memorable. Think of a game where every individual is happily participating. You can amuse them by including games like bingo or word matching in the party.


Anything that is personalised is perfect to be as a favour. A cookie that is made by you can be wrapped up in an attractive decorating paper and given to the guests. It will surely create a long lasting impression and the visitors will absolutely love your gifts.

Try using these smart tips and you will certainly make this celebration extremely stunning.