How To Plan The Perfect Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching (Sunday, September 1st) why not plan to give your Dad the perfect day? Here are some ideas to make the day memorable.

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

There are some amazing online stores that stock sweets your Dad will remember from his childhood. Sweets that aren’t made anymore will let him take a culinary stroll down memory lane. Shops like ‘The Beechworth Sweet Company’ offer a wide range of traditional sweets that your Dad will love and you can order up a custom selection to be delivered. The UK-based ‘’ will be a pricier delivery but they stock sweets that aren’t made anymore or are extremely hard to find like sherbet dips, flying saucers or golf ball chewing gum from the 1960s.

Make Your Dad A Hamper

A hamper filled with things you know your Dad will love is one of the best treats you could give him on Father’s Day. Making your own hamper from readily-available baskets, wrapping paper and cling-film is far better than any store-bought hamper and will cost you a fraction of the price. The trick to designing a great hamper is to start with a theme such as relaxation, indulgence or luxury. Choosing a theme makes selecting items for the hamper far easier, simply include anything your Dad loves such as chocolate, nuts, beer or toiletries based around the theme.

Take To The Skies!

A hot air balloon ride will turn your Dad’s day into an unforgettable experience. Search online for a local company that offer hot air balloon rides. If you have to drive a fair way to get to a company offering rides, why not make a food hamper and then present both hampers to your Dad in the afternoon after your flight? Many balloon flights include a flight certificate that your Dad will adore and some offer catering afterwards. Early morning balloon flights often include a post-flight breakfast so they are great ways to kick off your Dad’s special day.

Plan A Special Dinner

The ultimate Father’s Day has to end with a home-cooked dinner. Get the whole family involved if you can and try to make it a surprise. If you cook your Dad a dinner that he loves, you’ll have successfully thrown the perfect Father’s Day. It’s a great idea to have everyone prepare a little something like a short poem, joke or favourite memory to set the mood before launching into the main course.

Customize It!

The secret to making the day special is to customize these basic ideas with things you know your Dad loves. The basic formula of a gift, a trip, an activity, a picnic and a dinner can be jazzed up in any way you choose. You could swap out the balloon trip with a track day driving racing cars, going shooting or any of your Dad’s favourite activities. The idea for bygone sweets could be replaced with a custom-ordered vinyl record of your Dad’s favourite band. There are so many possibilities but the overall formula should stand you in good stead.