Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Engraved Pocket Watches

Father’s Day is fast approaching once more and the conundrum of what gift to buy him has likely already started. Perhaps you find mum much easier to buy for, with the option of chocolates, flowers or something else pretty, but something for dad is difficult. Sure, he might enjoy the chocolates too, but you are preferably looking for something more masculine.

Maybe you could consider a pocket watch? Perhaps once regarded as a little bit old fashioned, these classy timepieces are all the rage once more, with a whole range of options available, from smart but affordable examples right through to stylish designer pieces. One of the great things about pocket watches is that they can either be worn with a casual outfit or they can be used to put the finishing touches to a smart outfit which might be worn on a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary event.

Once you have decided that you like the idea of a pocket watch gift for Father’s Day, it will then be a matter of choosing something that you think your dad will like. There are many different styles and finishes, with a number of different case colours to select from. The obvious choices might be something in gold or silver but if your dad is a bit trendier, there are bright and vibrant colours available too.

Choosing a case style is also important and one of the most classical choices is the open face style but it’s worth looking at all of the options, which might also include half hunter, full hunter and double hunter case styles. If dad is a big sports fan, you can even find designs that have a sporting theme on them.

However, to make an already special gift, even more unique, you could have the back of the watch engraved with a special message just for Father’s Day. It will be something your dad will be able to see and look back on every time he takes out his watch and the engraving makes it a gift that could effectively last for a lifetime.

If your budget stretches even further, you could also consider a pocket watch stand which will mean that dad always has somewhere to put it when it’s not being used or worn.

So a pocket watch makes for a fantastic alternative present to the usual batch of socks, tie or DVD’s and will also solve your conundrum for this year.