Understanding How to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling your baby can reduce the discomfort your baby feels from her startle reflex and help keep your newborn warm for the first few days until his temperature is right. It is also important to swaddle your baby, as this can help calm him down.

Swaddling wraps your baby comfortably in a blanket for warmth and safety.

If your baby is sleeping, so are you and your family. When you have a newborn, the nurses at the hospital will likely show you how to swaddle your baby before you go home. They emphasize the importance of swaddling to help your baby sleep better during sleep and especially at night.

Many babies love to be swaddled, and swaddling often induces them to fall asleep. It is believed that the sense of security reminds babies that they are snug in the womb, where they feel safe. Some people only swaddle their baby for the first month, while others continue for 4 months or more.

While most parents swaddle their babies with their hands in the baby swaddle, keep in mind that some babies enjoy having one hand free, especially if they like to suck or bite their hands or fingers. Try both positions to see which one your child likes best. However, after about a month, continue to swaddle the baby, but only at bedtime.

Always ensure your baby’s face is not covered by any diaper part, as it can overheat or suffocate. And remember that if you wrap the blanket too tight, you can cut off your baby’s circulation; you want your baby to feel snug and safe, not crushed! In addition, swaddling a child too tightly can cause problems with the development of his mobility.

You can swaddle your baby for as long as you can tolerate. It varies between individual babies. When your baby asks you not to swaddle him again, stop swaddling immediately, as this will only disturb both babies and their sleep. Some questions may include crying, kicking, or being pulled out of a package.

So how do you swaddle a baby?

Follow these easy tips for the perfect swaddle.

  • Lay the blanket flat and fold over the top right corner about 6 inches.
  • Pull the corner near the child’s left arm across the child’s body and tuck the front edge under the back on the right side under the arm.
  • Pull the bottom corner under the child’s chin.
  • Put the loose corner on your child’s right arm and tuck it under the back on the left side.


If your child prefers to keep their arms free, you can wrap your arms around them. These blankets make swaddling your baby easier. Another option is to buy diapers. With two simple steps, your baby will be warm, safe, and ready for bed.

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