5 Must-Have Waterhogs For Spring

Waterhog floor mats are well-known among specialists who work in the field of slip and fall prevention as an effective instrument for controlling severe dirt and grime as well as wetness. When compared to other types of mats, Waterhog mats stand out due to their densely textured surface, sturdy construction, and vibrant color palette. They are put into practice by a diverse range of companies to achieve safety and sanitary objectives respectively. The distinctive architecture of the Waterhog mat is used in a myriad of distinct settings, ranging from business banks to retail establishments and even private residences, to maintain clean, dry, and secure entryways.

According to the figures that are released by the National Floor Safety Institute each year, more than 8 million people seek treatment for injuries sustained as a result of unintentional falls. During the spring, you should make it a priority to do a thorough facility evaluation, paying particular attention to areas where the interior and outdoor entry mats could require replacement.

The Original Form

The Waterhog Classic entrance mats has lived up to its name by being an indispensable component of safety matting over many years. The waffle design, which is featured on the Classic, is instantly recognizable to the vast majority of facility management experts. This mat, which was created using the proprietary Water Dam technology, can store up to 1.5 gallons of liquid.

The Current Style

The Waterhog Fashion is the product you get when you take the Waterhog Classic and add a trendy fabric border to it. It has all of the same wonderful features and functionality as the Waterhog Classic. This safety mat comes in a variety of colors, making it an excellent choice for applications both inside and outside the home where a keen eye for aesthetics is required.

The Iconic Work Of Art

The Waterhog Masterpiece, just like its predecessors, the Classic and Fashion, is made of durable polypropylene, making it suitable for use both inside and outdoors. The surface of this mat, on the other hand, is woven like a basket, making it rather distinctive. The Waterhog Masterpiece is the ideal option for establishments that are seeking an attractive entry mat that can withstand moderate to high levels of foot traffic. It features raised edges and a fabric that is resistant to being crushed.


With the help of the Waterhog ECO Elite, you can lower your carbon impact. This safety mat is created entirely out of recycled plastic water bottles; making products in this manner helps to cut down on waste and the amount of energy that is consumed by commercial production facilities. To guarantee that both customers and staff are aware of your dedication to recycling and other environmentally responsible practices, the walking surface has been emblazoned with a prominent green recycling symbol.

The Two-End

The Waterhog ECO Grand Elite Two-End mat may be used to cover huge areas of floor space. This genuine one-of-a-kind form and proportion can accommodate substantial areas and features an arresting design that comes in several color options. This Two-End variant is made from recycled mats and will earn your project points toward LEED certification.

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