When In Doubt, Go With a Classic Look

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to fashion. There’s contemporary, boho chic, urban, and many others to name. Today’s ever-changing standard of dress can make it ever-so-difficult to choose a work-appropriate ensemble. Nevertheless, you don’t have to fear standing out like a sore thumb because of your attire in a professional setting if you remember this one rule: When in doubt, choose a classic look.

The classic look in business can speak volumes about you and your mindset. It can project an air of sophistication which in many cases may open doors of opportunity for you. In business, fashion is often used to discern the focused from the non-serious. It can be likened unto a credit rating. It can help other business men and women decide whether or not they will take a chance on you. Are you worth the risk? Your job is to present yourself in a manner that will help influence the decision in a positive way.

Creating a classic look can be fun, but there are some basic rules to adhere to keep the ensemble within the confines of being a classic look. There are some fundamental pieces in a classic look on which you can build. These pieces are often called basics or staples. It is the shirt and pants or shirt and skirt or dress you use to anchor the look. The color of these basics or staples is also an important element. It helps to create a basic palette on which you can build. Once the basics are chosen, you can then choose accessories to enhance the look. One classic accessory used by women is pearls. Pearls have been used for years by women to create a timeless look. And finally, the hairstyle. Finishing off the look with a classic hairstyle can really create a timeless look that is sure to get you the right attention in the workplace.

The classic look has been around for years and is a trusted go-to when on the fence about what to wear in a business setting or any other semi-formal setting for that matter. Women and men who wear classic pieces tend to make a positive impression on their superiors, colleagues, clients, and partners and is often the first choice for someone who is looking to make a great first impression.

In business, the goal is to secure opportunities and be taken seriously once afforded those opportunities. Because classic never goes out of style, when in doubt you can always choose the classic look.