Knitted Ties: Style, Substance and Simplicity in One

A touch of blunt ends knitted ties are very different in terms of style. This is perfect for those who want to look formal, but want to add a little rebellious look.

A formal dress code will normally include a tie: with a classic silk tie offering a look that is slick, smooth and tailored. A knitted tie, on the other hand, will add a touch of frivolity while still adhering to the conventions of formal dress: these silk or woollen alternatives will help you to really stamp your personality on an outfit.

Eyecatching due to their bold and textured look, knitted ties are loosely woven in their appearance and are crafted without a lining, giving them a truly distinctive look. During the last few years, the knitted tie has become far more mainstream, celebrated by many individuals as a tie with personality. Knitted ties are nothing new, though: Sean Connery wore such a tie to play James Bond in Goldfinger, while they were also favoured by stars such as the Beatles, James Dean and Paul Newman.

Choose a black or navy option with a formal suit for an elegant effect, or pair with jeans and a blazer for a stand-out look that blurs the lines between casual and formal.

Knitted ties also work well with more casual outfits: pair with a patterned shirt, a utilitarian jacket and jeans to make it look as though you’ve made far more effort when, in reality, all you need is a simple four in hand knot.

With a retro look and feel, the knitted tie is a versatile choice when it comes to neckwear. Dressed up or dressed down, it is an item of clothing that will never go out of fashion. For those looking for a bolder choice, it is also the only tie option that works with a horizontal striped pattern – and you’ll find plenty of alternative patterns available too.

These ties are also incredibly popular amongst those who need to travel frequently for work? Why? It’s simple. Due to the way in which they are made, knitted ties do not need to be hung: they do not crease, meaning that they can simply be rolled and put into a case or pocket.

While some may have memories of school teachers wearing scruffy knitted ties with frayed ends, it’s time to banish those memories and appreciate the wonders of the modern knitted tie.