Easily Judge the Personality of a Stranger by Looking at His Shoes

Just like we get some idea about the income of a person, his or her sense of style by looking at the costume, similarly it is now possible to judge a person’s personality by just looking at his or her shoes! Yes, this is just the case. The August 2012 edition of the Journal of Research in Personality has proved the fact. The researchers of University of Kansas and Wellesley College asked 63 students to look at 208 photos of shoes of the participants and say about their personality. The students did a marvelous job in accurately saying every shoe wearer’s age, gender, income, political association, emotional and other important personality traits by just looking at the footwear. Lead researcher Omri Gillath found that 90 per cent of the owner’s personal traits were correctly identified by the students. Researchers were simply astonished how it is possible to find a person’s age, gender or political views by simply looking at his shoes.

Expensive shoes

High-income earners buy expensive, stylish shoes. These shoes come in different colours with exquisite design and stitches. Wearers of this type of shoes are also meticulous in what they do and Democrat.

Colourful shoes

People who wear colourful footwear are either introverts or extroverts. They are confident in maintaining relationships with people, and have higher control over their emotions. They do not fear of getting separated from their dear ones.

Repaired shoes

Wearers of repaired shoes are not well-off but are tidy and clean. They are careful in their appearance and looks on the streets or at parties.

Functional shoes

Wearers of these shoes are more agreeable. However, ankle boots wearers are more aggressive. People with calm personalities prefer wearing uncomfortable looking shoes.

In psychology, emotional stability refers to people who fear losing their loved ones or getting rejected by their special someone. They don’t have the power of handling emotions of different people. People with this kind of personality usually wear brand new or well-kept shoes. Researchers believe it is because they are so much worried about what others will think of them when they go outside.


People with liberal views love flip-flops. Hippies and students also love this type of shoes since they are less expensive.

Boring-looking footwear

They don’t love to enter in a new relationship. They refer to remain aloof and do not care what people think of them.

Glamour magazine which is Britain’s Number 1 women’s magazine did a survey to find what men think of the different types of women’s shoes.

Fashionable shoes

The wearers are more aggressive and have a bold attitude. Fashionable shoes wearers are confident, but not quick decision takers.

Girly shoes

They have a sweet nature and are extremely feminine.

High-heeled stilettos

Women who wear stilettos have a cheerful personality, seek more attention, and confident about their appearance. However, women wearing stiletto cannot be easily relied.

Flat sandals

They are beach lovers and easy-going.

Platform shoes

These women are social media savvy and like to make frequent updates on Facebook, Instagram, and such other popular social media web platforms.

Huffington Post Style also did a study to find the nature of men wearing different styles of shoes.

Vans are easy-going but late in their work.

Wearers of desert boots are masculine yet not aggressive. They are more detail-oriented but not loud.