Best and Worst Makeup Accessories for Eyelash Extensions 

The excellent news about your eyelash extensions is that they look fantastic. The bad news is half of your eye makeup collection needs to go proper. Magnetic eyelashes extension can last for up to five weeks, but wearing the wrong makeup with them can lead to lash fallout and extension loss, dramatically reducing the length of time your lash extensions look fuller, complete, and fabulous.

Indeed, it’s sad watching your eyelash extensions falling out one by one. It all happens so fast, and within a couple of weeks, they start looking scattered. It’s happened to most of us. Yes, this could be due to your short lash life—or it could be from the makeup products you’re practicing.

Extensions are delicate. When you’re glamming up your face, you must be conscious of your falsies or else. Not sure which makeup product to keep using and which to avoid? Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered.

There are the best and worst makeup products for eyelash extensions to ensure your lashes thrive.

Worst Makeup Accessories

a)        Pencil Eyeliner

One uncanny consequence of having long individual false lashes is that your eyelashes get tangled. Pulling a sticky pencil liner along the lash line worsens upsetting and lash fallout. There’s also the sequel that cream and gel eyeliners can leave a gummy residue on extensions, making removal utter trouble. You’ve been notified.

b)       Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

If it’s not evident by now, smudge and budge-proof eye makeup is usually bad news for magnetic lash extensions. This includes a water-resistant or waterproof fluid liner. A liquid eyeliner may seem harmless enough, but its lasting formula will require rubbing or frequently touching your lashes to exclude them. All of which will reduce your extensions’ lifespan.

c)        Tubing Mascara

You can wear mascara without destroying your lashes. Just avoid tubing formulas (aka the kind that slips off in the water). You can pull off tube mascara from natural lashes with a bit of moisture and light pressure, but this formula sticks like glue to falsies. You’ll be able to get it off, but not without wasting a few lashes.

Best Makeup Products

d)       Oil-Free Gentle Makeup Remover

Opt for gentle makeup remover like removing pads. These pads are made with a herb-based blend of aloe vera, cucumber, and fresh green tea. They’re ideal for removing off makeup from the most sensitive of areas.

e)        Powder Eyeliner

Stick to a fade-free formula like long-lasting eyeliner powder. Use a flat angled brush to wing this powder smoothly along your lashline. Its slip-resistant texture does not smudge, meaning it also won’t create a fuss with your lashes.

f)         Pen Eyeliner

The tapered brush of this specific eyeliner pen allows for a seamless application, even better. You won’t have to go at it throughout your eye area to get this stuff off. Preserve a few lashes with this formula.

Summing Up

It’s all about weightless textures that still offer fuller results. This is where magnetic eyelashes come in. These lashes are fine delicate that won’t damage your lashes. Trust the bits of advice given. This brings the drama without adding too much weight to your lashes.

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