Surgery Recovery: Best Ways to Promote Natural Healing and a Speedier Recovery

A very close friend of mine underwent an extensive surgery that has her seeking assistance on how to heal faster, reduce the bruising and inflammation at her surgery sites.

This tool kit of the best supplements, vitamins, minerals and natural products can have a very positive impact on the rate of healing you or your loved ones experience post-surgery.

Healing after any injury or surgery, including childbirth, can be an uncomfortable and frustrating slow process. Recovery may take a few days to a few months. Any type of surgery is invasive and causes your body to react in a way to protect itself from injury, seen in swelling, bruising, external wounds and scaring. This is naturally from the law of cause and affect and is unavoidable.

What is avoidable is an extended and delayed healing time and can be created through a conscious decision to support the body and it’s natural healing mechanisms through a nutrient rich diet, power packed vitamin and supplement regime and the right healing mental state of mind.

The process of healing is multifaceted: occurring on both a physical and psychological level. Your mental state is absolutely essential in helping your body, at a cellular level, to heal faster. You have to be conscious our internal speak and can even utilize meditation as a means to effectively support and even communicate with your cells to enhance and promote their healing. Being positive and patient is as essential as any vitamin or supplement, if not more important.

As Dr. Schulze, Creator of the School of Natural Healing remarks, “Your body has a BLUEPRINT, a SCHEMATIC of what perfect health is and it is constantly trying to achieve this perfect health for you, all that goes wrong is that you get in the way of this natural process.”

For optimum healing the body requires blood flow and cellular function to operate at maximum capacity. For this to occur it requires the proper diet and exercise. Cellular functions that are essential for healing is the production of collagen, which helps the body, build new tissue. Healing can be retarded or slowed by decreased collagen production. An antioxidant rich diet in conjunction with supplements can reduce free radical damage and increase the production of collagen; thereby enhancing healing. Food and supplementation can reduce pain, inflammation, infection and swelling.

There is still a lot of caution and lack of understanding and promotion by medical doctors to promote supplement for surgery recovery. With research and discussions with your doctor, you can conclude which or all of the following to take consistently after your surgery to accelerate healing.

Vitamins & Supplements you can take Post Surgery to promote healing:

Vitamin C (ester): helps support the immune system, acting as an antioxidant to hasten recovery. Ester C is vital for wound healing and repair and growth of tissues damaged by surgery. Vitamin C also eliminates toxins, protects the body from infection by enhancing the immune system, and counteracts tissue-damaging free radical molecules generated during stressful situations.

Vitamin A: help fight infection and speed recovery after surgery (use according to your doctor’s instructions).

Vitamin B (complex): supports proper protein metabolism and cellular energy production, crucial for healthy tissue repair and efficient cellular function.

Vitamin K: helps reduce post-operative bruising and internal bruising.

Selenium: A mineral, which, in combination with other compounds, can be used to speed recovery.

Bromelain: A natural pineapple enzyme that helps reduce post-operative bruising and swelling, lessen postoperative pain, and help accelerate healing.

Zinc: Zinc promotes the healing of wounds, plays a big role in the repair and maintenance of healthy cells, and enhances the

Amino Acids: Certain amino acids, especially L-arginine and L-Glutamine, are crucial for healthy tissue formation during healing.

Bioflavonoids: Quercetin, rutin, and other plant flavonoids help protect capillaries against damage, strengthen tissues, and can reduce bruising.

Enzymes: Protein-specific enzymes such as bromelain and papain assist the body’s natural ability to control inflammation and swelling.

Natural Healing Remedies*:

Arnica: reduces inflammation and swelling.

Meadowsweet: an herb which has been used for centuries by herbalists to treat fever and pain by a natural chemical similar to the pharmaceutical aspirin. Meadowsweet has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties without side effects such as stomach ulcers.

Comfrey: contains allantoin – a chemical that encourages bone, cartilage and muscle cells to grow.

Supplements to avoid before and after surgery:






Gingko Biloba


Kava Kava

St. John’s Wort

Valerian Botanical

Vitamin E

Vitamin K

*Natural healing remedies are plants or herbs, or the derivative that contains the substance polyphenol.