What Do Stones Mean in Engagement Rings?

An engagement ring has always been a symbol of marriage, as it is in a shape of a circle – the sign of invariability and stability. Long ago people used to believe: the simpler and smoother the adornment is – the firmer marriage will be. But now this superstition is old-fashioned. Engagement rings today can be twisted, with all possible engravings, notches, runes, with precious or half-precious stones. Such Rings must be selected extremely carefully, as stones have their own meanings and energy profiles, stones even can influence the marriage and the character of their owners! Let us tell about the most popular precious stones in engagement rings.

The most popular precious stones in rings


Engagement rings with diamonds are considered to be the symbol of purity and permanency. Ancient Greeks believed that uncut diamonds were the tears of Gods; the Romans thought this jewel was a fallen star. If a couple chooses precious adornments with a diamond, they will live long and happily, and all the misfortunes will be endured easily.


This stone, symbolizing passion and energy, is believed to have healing properties and helps the spouses to avoid quarrels and misunderstanding. Medieval sorcerers considered rubies to be Dragon blood. In the Roman times only aristocrats were allowed to wear rings with rubies. In the Orient this precious stone is a token of red-hot love, women’s health, beauty and faithfulness.


People believe emeralds came to us from the Garden of Eden. The rich colour of this stone cannot help attracting attention; it is a symbol of nature and fruitfulness, which gives pacification to its owner. Dark-green emeralds are valued much higher than diamonds! Wedding rings with this stone present the couple with patience and tranquillity. There is a popular belief: if an emerald cracks, a spouse is unfaithful.


This rich blue or pink stone is a token of loyalty and kindness. If a couple have sapphire engagement rings, harmony and good will reign in the family, and the spouses will make common cause with each other.


Pearls endow its owner with authority, improve intuition, preserve from evilwishing and fasten family bonds. The Chinese believed pearl was moon light petrified in water ; the Greeks thought it to be tears of a sea nymph.

Engagement rings with semiprecious stones

An Engagement ring with a semiprecious stone is not a sign of poverty nowadays, but a way to give up stereotypes and prejudices. Today people often buy engagement rings with semiprecious gems, as these accessories do not look cheap but help to emphasize the individuality and good taste. The most called-for semiprecious jewels are:

– Garnet. This stone is a sign of honesty and constancy. The accessory with this gemstone protects its owner against bad thoughts;

– Agate has the unique unrepeatable pattern, so that wedding rings with this jewel are real masterpieces. This gem gives longevity in marriage.

– Aquamarine has a lovely color of sea waves, symbolizes calmness and sober mind and brings peace and happiness into the family.

– Opal is a sign of trust, joy, and unquenchable love; loving couples often custom engagement rings with this gem.

– Murchisonite keeps sweethearts from quarrels.

– Carnelian brings harmony and happiness into family life.

Engagement rings are not only the symbol of love, but they are your life satellites, so that they must be selected very attentively. It does not matter, which stone you will choose for your wedding rings, your relationships – are what is really precious.