Some Facts You Did Not Know About Engagement Rings

From time immemorial an engagement ring was a symbol of the two loving hearts union. But, such a ring did not look the way we got accustomed to thinking. Can you imagine that long ago rings were woven from hemp and reed, or people just edged a flower around a finger, when they were going to marry? Here are the most amazing facts about engagement rings.

The right – the left

We are accustomed to wearing a wedding ring on the right hand, but in France, the USA, and Sweden this jewel is worn on the left. First of all, this difference is explained by religion. The Catholics wear such a ring on the left hand guided by the legend of the betrothal of Joseph and Mary. The Orthodox Church believes, all the left is weak and it is the work of the devil, whereas all the right is true and strong.

Can an engagement ring be prohibited?

Yes, it can. For example, in Great Britain doctors and hospital nurses are not allowed to wear rings. Space under the ring cannot be disinfected well but taking such a ring off is difficult sometimes.

An engagement ring cannot be confiscated

There is the law in America, according to which a bankrupted businessman is confiscated absolutely everything to pay debts but a ring. By the way, in the USA 17 tons of gold are melted annually for rings creation.

An engagement ring as a sign of quality

It is said that a perfect bikini swimsuit must easily go through a ring. This standard has been actual since 1946 when first bikini appeared.

Can you die for an engagement ring?

In the 19th century Marie, the French chemist, discovered iron in blood. In order to make his sweetheart a declaration of love he decided to give her a ring made of iron, extracted from his own blood. This experiment finished with the scientist’s death – he died of a haemorrhage.

Two or one?

Two people enter into a marriage, so there must be two engagement rings, mustn’t they? But this tradition was not always blindly followed. For example, in Roman times there was only one ring. It was a custom that a fiancĂ© gave a ring to her parents in token of taking responsibility for his future wife. The couple itself was “ringless”. Later on, a ring together with the keys was presented to a fiancĂ©e, which meant that henceforward she would have to do housekeeping.

Much later, in the end of the 19th century, the tradition of one ring was popular in America too. It was thought, that only a bride could have it. But the situation changed due to the local goldsmiths. To increase the sales, they organized a big promotion about two rings buying, and it helped, nowadays couples always buy 2 rings.

Rings made of bones

Sometime ago in Great Britain several engagement rings were made with the help of bioengineering technologies. Raw materials for them were not traditional precious metals, but human bones! The couple, who had custom rings, was taken the samples of bone cells. Then, the cells “were grown” in the shape of the rings on special platforms.

Custom Engagement rings with benefits for your health!

Engagement rings are not only beautiful and symbolic, but are good for health too! It is found out that these rings prevent you from arthritis and other kinds of pain.

Golden rings have an evident tonic effect and are able to fight depression and suppressed mood. If you custom an engagement ring, you are sure to have a firm immunity and make yourself safe from any bacteria. Silver wedding rings have advantages too, such as: normalizing blood pressure, reducing anxiety, irritations and suspicion.