Cash for Gold and Other Ways You Can Make Money With Things in Your Home

If you need to make some extra dough quickly, you’re in luck-it is possible the items sitting in your living room are valuable. You can get cash for gold jewelry, old sweaters, baby toys, and even empty space in your garage. All you need to do is find the right place-or website-to sell these things.

Rent Out Your Attic (or Backyard)

Websites allow you to list your house or a few rooms for others to rent. Did you notice that there are also sites for renting storage space in your home? Storage space is a hot commodity, especially in cities where the cost-of-living is high. If you have an empty closet, a few spare feet in your attic, or some shelves free in your garage, rent this space to other people as short- or long-term storage.

Many travelers look for a place to lay their head. If you have a backyard, try lending it to campers. This could be especially lucrative if your yard is located near a large music festival or convention center. Some people look to camping as an alternative when in cities with few hotels or limited hotel space.

Get Cash for Gold

You can sell unwanted jewelry and coins for money. Many coin stores weigh and pay out at the karat value of your coins. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own couch, some businesses allow you to send these pieces via mail. Old watches, broken bracelets, necklaces, and antique and foreign currency can be exchanged for extra cash. n

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

Are there clothes hanging in your closet that you haven’t worn in years? You can turn these items into spare change. Secondhand boutiques are becoming more popular; many people appreciate the cheaper price tags and the sustainability of buying clothes secondhand. Many of these shops also support local charitable causes, so you’ll be doing something good while making some extra dough.

Get Rid of Old Baby Toys and Clothes

If you had a little one and they have grown out of their clothes, help supply the burgeoning market of parents looking to buy secondhand baby items. Whether for economics, eco-friendliness, or other reasons, lots of parents are looking for gently worn infant clothing or toys. If you don’t have a sentimental attachment to your child’s old pajamas or stuffed animals, sell them at a local secondhand shop or through an infant care website.

When in need of some extra capital, be sure to look around your house. You just might be able to get cash for gold jewelry or a dress you never wear.